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Romania – Bucharest

“Victor Babes” National College

High school was founded in 1976 and operated until 1990 as a secondary medical school, during which time he trained health nurses.  Since 1991, the school gained a theoretical profile and alongside Postgraduate School Health (neighboring institution inside the same court), was member of the School Group “Dr. Victor Babes”. Since February 1999 the high school became an autonomous education unit under the name of High School “Victor Babes” with specialization: natural sciences, mathematics – informatics, philology. Since the 1999, the school has also secondary classes.

In November 2006, by an order of the Minister of Education, National College received the title of “Victor Babes”, with grades V-XII, under the leadership of Director Professor Rodica Kirsteuer.

The College seen by its pupils:

“Dr. Victor Babes” National College create a safe, harmonious and yet strictly environment for his students. Through this work, our high school aims to form true characters for the future. Thus, this school is different from others because, besides the baggage of knowledge that pupils achieve here, they acquire also a high education. This high school encourages and supports also the creativity of its pupils. We are creating and we are playing in the annual show named “Walk  through the world”, which also became a tradition, being a project dear to all pupils of this school”.