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Italy – Milan

The Comprehensive School “Marcello Candia” opened in the school year 1997-98 from the merger of various primary and middle schools in the same area. We decided to call our school after Marcello Candia, an entrepreneur who grew up, lived, was buried and made venerable this part of Milan. Candia well represents the spirit of the school: as a wealthy man he was capable of giving everything to the poor, leaving as a missionary for Brazil, where he founded many hospitals and schools.

The boys and girls who attend our schools come from all over the world, but most of them were born here, in Milan.

Our motto – “quality for all and for each one” – aims to emphasize both the social dimension of the right to study of compulsory schooling and the personal and individual dimension of learning, all the more necessary due to the multiple stories and origins of our pupils.

Personal plans, projects for integration and literacy, but also the attempt to promote excellences and educate to those human values which were proper to Marcello Candia.