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Pupils and classes from Sibenik & Zagreb

Pupils from Jurja Šižgorića School – Experimental Class

Within extracurricular activities in the school year 2001/2002 Film Group OŠ Jurja Šižgorića was found in Šibenik which gathers children from 5th to 8th grade.

From the beginning until today Film Group produced over twenty films in various genres, from fiction to documentary and alternative films, which were shown at the Croatian Children’s Film Festival, and for the first time on 28th of October 2008, film group won the award at the International Animation Days in Zagreb. It was for their animated film „Magic of the sea“ and the awarded was given by ASIFA (international antinational organization) for one of the three best animated films by elementary school students in Croatia.

Film titles hint the subject of our films and we can rightfully say that our film group follows the life of our town and county, culture and nature as well as lives of people in our area through the eyes of children which present their point of view through this form of expression.

Experimental class participants

Valentina Kalabrić, 12 / Petra Bralić, 13 / Nina Klarić, 13 / Lucija Gradiška, 12 / Hana Ćuklin, 13 / Ana Skorić, 13 / Ana Marija Blatančić, 13 / Antonio Klarin, 13 / Ivan Strize, 13 / Festim Shatri, 13 / Josip Šarić, 13 / Duje Miljuš, 13 / Ela Grubišić, 11 / Tonina Ilić, 11 / Mihaela Ljubić, 11 / Marija Lucić, 11

Pupils from Marija Jurić Zagorka School – Control Class

During the 2002./2003. School year Zaigrani Aktivni Gromoglasni Film Group starts existing – ZAG ( which gathers young film and photography lovers, students from 5th to 8th grade. During the past fifteen years over 300 ZAG’s have passed through our school from the idea to the film premier and have created over 50 films awarded at both local and international film festivals.

Main characters of ZAGs documentaries are talented students and special needs children which are exceptional by their knowledge and abilities. First film, D (2003) talks about the success of a swimmer at the school swimming team, Dino Hadžić. Our school is one of the rare schools in Croatia which has a pool for the past 35 years.

We should mention some of the ZAG’s most awarded films and their characters: Pero(2006) a hyperactive teenager, Hafiz (2007) student that can recite Kur’an by heart, I don’t get up on the left foot (2012) Croatian Paralympics athlete Ana Sršen, Zagorka in Zagorka (2014) documentary – fiction film as a contribution to the 50th school anniversary, Dream job (2015) about learning assistants for children with special needs and Fran Luka (2016) about a boy with a Tourett syndrome.

We hope that one day film and media culture will be a regular subject in modern Croatian school of the 21st century so that all interested students could express their creativity through this media and not just be consumers from the other side of the screen.

With that thought and hope, ZAG’s film continues on!