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Pupils and classes from Bucharest

Class V A (control class) consists of 31 children (19 girls and 12 boys) aged between 11 and 12 years. This class is a homogeneous one in terms of children’s social level, and the criterion that brings them together is the performance. Incidentally, this is the characteristic of this school, a school with tradition that create a safe, harmonious and yet strictly environment for his students. Seeing from the outside, the school seems to be rigid like one of the colleges in England. And yet, when you had entered in contact with the life inside you realize that it is not. Stimulating creativity and personality development are mainly pursued objectives in a very relaxed atmosphere. The meeting with this class and with children whose primary concern is the exact sciences, is always a challenge and a pleasure for the teacher bombarded from all sides with questions and comments of children that are stimulated every time to say what they think and to pass through their own filter all information.

Class V B (experimental class) consists of 31 students (19 girls and 12 boys, the same numbers like control class V A ) with the same level of age (11-12 years), surprises you by the dynamism of children and the concern that they have for the practical things. With passions less directed to the exact sciences, like are the children in class V A, they are distinguished by their openness to innovation, the things that actively use practical skills. It shows in the way they have decorated class objects that are generally the result of various projects attended. Students in this class are actively involved in the performance that “Victor Babes” National College creates every year, generically named “Walk through the world”. Incidentally, both Class A and Class B, have as obligatory lessons the music and the painting, and also theater lessons as an optional subject, which helps to develop creativity and imagination