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Seeking Love


Croatia, 2011, 4 min

Script: Anđela Klisović, 13

Animation: Anđela Klisović (13), Petra Ramljak (13)

Group mentor: Ivana Rupić, OŠ Jurja Šižgorića, Filmska družina OŠ J. Šižgorića


A boy lives in an orphanage, other children for orphanage and its staff are his only family. He is dreaming about a family of his own where he would feel loved, safe and more like other children. He desires parental love. He is imagining various scenarios and in his dreams, and in real life, he experiences various stressful experiences from abuse, molestation to life on the verge of criminal activities. Every time he wakes up he realizes he already has a family where he feels safe and loved… The love he is searching is already next to him.

Film „Seeking love“ was created based on script by Anđela Klisović, 7th grade student. With her story, she wanted to direct attention to the revolt that is present in students going through puberty as well as on various life stories of her peers. While being aware of peer insecurity and unhappiness with their lives she wanted to warn others about hard lives of children eager for parental love that often experience abuse.

We need to keep thinking about shaping our lives together with everyone that is involved in our lives and we need to be aware that, while looking for love, like the boy in this film, we often forget love is here around us.