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Rabbit and Deer


Hungary, 2013, 16 min

Writer, Director and Designer: Péter Vácz

Co-Director and animator: Attila Bertóti

Editor: Judit Czakó

Original music & Sound Design: Máté Hámori

Ending song ‘Listen’: Mahdi Khene

Photography: Gábor Garai

Voices: Adrienn Mórocz, Dániel Czupi

Animation: Attila Bertóti, Péter Vácz

Set design: Kata Müller, Móni Kovács, Kati Egely

Compositing: Balázs Fekti, András Sarkadi, Zoltán Lányi

Production: MOME, Budapest (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design)


Rabbit and Deer are living happily and careless until their friendship is put to the test by Deer’s new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension. After an unexpected accident Deer finds himself in a new world, unknown to him. Separated by dimensions the two friends have to find the way back to each other. Rabbit and Deer is a charming short animated film about the friendship of two loveable characters whose peculiar dilemma leads to a bittersweet end. The film, with its visual and emotional complexity, is engaging to both children and adults.
Rabbit and Deer: “A stunningly directed and beautifully crafted play on the universal conflict of emotional incompatibility.” – Jonathan Hodgson (BAFTA winner animation director) 

Director’s and animator’s Biographies

Péter Vácz s-a născut în 1988, la Budapeste. A absolvit MOME Moholy-Nagy, Universitatea de Artă și Design în Animație (licență și master), cu filmele „Streamschool” şi „Rabbit and Deer”, cu ultimul film câştigându-şi recunoaşterea  în întreaga lume şi primind peste  120 de premii la festivalurile internaționale (Annecy, Cannes, Nashville, Atlanta …).

El a participat la ASF – Atelierul producţie europeană pentru animaţie, în 2009, şi a urmat un curs de animaţie 3D  în Danemarca. Din anul  2013, Péter este reprezentat studioul de animaţie Picasso Pictures din Londra. Péter locuiește în prezent la Berlin.

Péter Vácz: „When the story’s main plot was set I knew it was going to be too big of a project for me alone. I needed someone who could help, someone who would understand all the aspects of directing animation and someone who could be there even in the hardest moments and say ‘it’s not good enough’. I was very lucky to have Attila Bertóti as a classmate and who’s work (Ariadne’s Thread) I respected very much and who said yes when I asked him to join me. Attila started to work with me on developing the animatic and helped all the way till graduation.  ”.

Attila Bertóti is a Romanian director and worked as co-director and animator for this film, together with Peter Vácz. Attila was born in 1985 in Romania, at Baia Mare town. Between 2004-2009 he studied at “Sapientia” University in Cluj Napoca, Photo, Film and Multimedia department.