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Peter Peter


Slovenia, 2015, 11 min

Director and scriptwriter: Katarina Nikolov

Authors of text: Katarina Nikolov in Doša

Illustrator: Tanja Semion

Main animation artist: Jure Lavrin

Editor and animation artist: Urška Vavpetič

Author of sound and music: Doša

Producer: Miha Černec

Production: Tramal Films with the support of Slovenian Film Center


The first Slovenian animated film in rap version. A modern coming-of-age story of Peter, a boy who learns to gain self-confidence and to stand up for himself through the tale of one folk hero. 

Peter is a kind and gentle boy who feels excluded from the company of his peers. His stronger peers constantly tease and bully him violently. His mother finds a solution for Peter’s distress. She reads him an old Slovenian folk tale about his namesake Peter Klepec, who was a happy boy until he left home to work as a shepherd at the neighbouring farm. The other shepherds there teased and beat him, so he made a wish: to become strong. A mountain fairy made his wish come true. He used the miraculous strength not only to get back at the mean shepherds; from then on, he helped everybody who needed his help. The ‘modern’ Peter gets inspired through the tale to face bullies without violence and discovers that magic fairies do not exist, but finds the strength inside himself.

Director’s Biography

Katarina Nikolov studied design at Institut Callegari in Ljubljana. Mesmerized with visual images, she won recognition through design, photography and costumography in the field of theatre and afterwards shifted to film production, where she worked as creative producer of TV and commercial contents. Currently she works as a scriptwriter and director of animated as well as documentary films. Katarina pays great attention to quality contents for children and youth. After her original documentary series for teenagers entitled ‘Who are you?’ (Kdo si pa ti?), and thirty short animated films of TV series ‘Hamster Miha’ (Hrček Miha), Peter Peter arrived on theatre screens. She is currently in the process of developing a new short animated film, based on another legendary Slovenian folk tale about King Matjaz.