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Stories from bus 56


Italy, 2015, 3 min
Director: Ramona Mismetti
Assistant Director: Antonino Valvo
Trainer: Patrizia Rappazzo (Milano Film Network)
Collaborators: Cristina Soffiantini, Fabio Brambilla, Fulvia Lisbona
With the participation of: Youness, Ruben, Gianni, Paolo, Kevin, Denise, Desireé, Kirolos, Zakaria, Khalil, Abdalla, Asem, Chaima, Angela, Andriy.
Production: Milano Film Network
The subject and protagonist of the short film is “The 56”, the bus that travels the whole length of Via Padova, the most multi-ethnic part of Milan: a slice of the reality characterized by the encounter/clash of different cultures and personalities, sometimes “over the top”, experienced every day by the youngsters. Each of them has told the story of an event they experienced at first hand on that bus, through characters they created using collage,  drawings and newspaper cuttings, recreating the set of Via Padova and of the 56 by the animation of the scenes.
Director’s biography
Ramona Mismetti is a director and animator from Bergamo who lives and works in Milan, In 209 she graduated from the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Bergamo, after having followed a curriculum in Sciences of Figurative Arts, music and performing arts, with a thesis on the latest trends in animated cinema. In 2011 she completed her studies in Digital Animation at the Civil School of Cinema to embark on a freelance career in the audiovisual sector concentrating on animation. In 2012, she was one of the 3 founders of the “See Mars” production company.  Since 2013 she has taught on the animation course at the Luchino Visconti Civic School of Cinema. From October 2015 to January 2016, thanks to an “Ivano Becchi” scholarship, offered by the Fondazione Banca del Monte, she did an apprenticeship in the animation department at the National Film Board of Canada, working on a production in stop motion.
Production’s notes
The short film was made as part of a workshop on audiovisual production which involved a group of boys and girls aged from 10 to 15 of different nationalities, of the Centro di Aggregazione Giovanile of Via Padova.
The aim of the workshop, as well as the play aspect, was to allow the children to develop skills in the design and production of audiovisual products which use different languages (video, web, etc) to educate them on film language as an instrument of
reflection and dialogue on subjects with strong social and educational values and to allow them to acquire skills such as the development of capacities of criticism and dialogue and team working skills.