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The Cork Justifies the Means


Romania, 2015, 30’

Director and scriptwriter: Mihai Ionescu

Director of Photography: Zsolt Magyari

Scenography: Mihnea Mihăilescu (sets), Ana Ioneci (costumes)

Editing: Mihai Codleanu

Original music:  Marius Leftărache, Dan Byron

Sound: Marius Leftărache

Make-up: Dana Lazăr

Cast:  Alexandru Bindea (Mr. Zbigniew), Mihai Gruia Sandu (Storyteller), Ruxandra Enescu (Mrs. Zbigniew), Alexandru Georgescu (The Mayor),  Irina Movilă (Secretary), Marian Ghenea (The Prefect), Nicolae Urs (The Counselor), Viorel Comănici (Official State Authority), Mircea Rusu (Prime Minister)

Production: GEF Art Film

Producers: Alexandru Spătaru, Mihai Ionescu


In a surreal note, the satire reveals a story of a Machiavellian character, who is deeply tragic and dramatic.

A citizen, while on his way home, falls into a manhole with no hatch – it had been stolen. His beer belly blocks him; he finds himself half inside the hole and hands in the pockets. Patiently and full of hope, he is waiting to be rescued, but the circumstances he’s going through prove to be exhausting for the other characters. Our “cork-man” lives his own dramatic incident officially in front of the eyes of the others. 

The story challenges common sense which has a decimated perception of personal values. Indifference, absurdity and infatuation become traits/features of our everyday life in an abusive world lacking truth and normality. We find ourselves in a world with no well-defined temporal anchor, a space in retro-future, a mosaic of shapes and colors, animated through the energy given by the motivations and intimate details of each character. With no specific place, city or country, this incident becomes a valid story anywhere in this world, growing to global dimensions, being a distinctive feature of societies and human character, embodying a universal value.

Director’s Biography

He was born in Bucharest, Romania, on August 20th, 1967. He is licensed in Acting (1991-1995) and also he is licensed in Film (2000-2002), both at National University of Theater and Film (UNATC), Bucharest, Romania.