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Slovenia, 2015, 15′

Director: Marko Šantić

Idea and screenplay: Tina Antončič

Production: TV Slovenia


A documentary about the lives of three pupils who live in different communities and situations, but come from the same ancestors – nomads who settled around the world from India more than 600 years ago.

Binito lives in a container at a former dump without water or electricity.  He mainly hangs out with kids who are in a similar situation and are fighting for survival with their parents, hoping for a better tomorrow. Kristina lives with her parents in a tight Roma camp, she goes to school every day and likes shooting short films about Roma life. Her family has a good reputation, they collaborate in the Roma club and would like to achieve some progress. She can see that many of her peers are already thinking of having a family, but she has been brought up to finish school before planning a family. Niko is a Roma kid from her mother’s side and is proud to say so. He has never lived in a Roma camp.

“At school they say I’m different because I’m Romani, a gypsy, and I don’t live well the way they do. This hurts me and I tell them we’re all the same. […] If you’re a Romani, you can’t change that. You are who you are.” Kristina Hudorovič

Čhavoro received the award for best documentary film at the 2016 ART AMPHORA’ international film festival, the 16th Balkan festival of films and TV show for children and teens in Bulgaria.

Director’s and author’s Biographies

Tina Antončič was born in 1985. She graduated in journalism from the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Social Sciences. She started her career in TV Slovenia’s information programme and went on to become script writer, editor and journalist in educational programmes. Over the past few years she has collaborated as editor, journalist and host in Infodrom, the only Slovenian information show for children, which this year celebrated its 600th episode. She has conceived several Infodrom documentary specials, such as Čhavoro.

Director Marko Šantić was born in 1983. He studied film and television directing at the Ljubljana film academy AFRFT.  He has made many feature and documentary films, has directed several television shows, and writes film reviews for independent magazines and web sites. Marko Šantić’s student films Sretan put Nedime (Good Luck Nadim) and Rupa (In the Hole) received many of festival awards (Tribeca Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Bologna European Festival of Film Schools, European Film Awards nomination for best short film). His first feature film, Zapelji me (Seduce Me), won the best director award at the Slovenian Film Festival, and was Slovenia’s entry for the 2015 best foreign language Academy Award nominations.