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The CineCultura Association together with MDV Audio Studio organized every year, beginning with the summer of 2013, “THE ROMANIAN FILM CARAVAN – Masterworks of Romanian Cinematography”. The project’s success in 2013 convinced the organizers to add the following year a section called “The Romanian Film Caravan – Books and Films” to the original project.

The Caravan focused on the educational aspect by introducing the younger generations to Romanian films made before the current successes of new wave directors as a way of showing an unbroken tradition of quality in filmmaking. This project focused on children (preschoolers and students from primary school to high school) and young people above the age of 18 with the purpose of establishing a visible link between cinema and literature. The Caravan aimed to educate by underscoring the similarities and differences between writing and film. The movies shown to the public were inspired by Romanian novels and stories.

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